Tuesday, July 5, 2011

back to Reality

After a few days of fun and excitement it is time for reality again. I am still super excited about my New Kids trip. It was truly a great time. If i had the money, and the time, i would so love to go to the Anaheim show this week, but that is not going to happen. I am OK with that. The boys just put on such a great show! Phil told me that he would like to go with me next year. That will be fun. He said he will allow me to go stalk with my friends, then he will come for the show. I look forward to it! There HAS to be a next year.

Now, we are back to reality. Back to hanging with my kids and my hubby. Yesterday was the 4th of July, and Hubbys birthday. we got up and went to the movies, then off to do some shopping for a new stroller. Mine got battery acid spilled on it, and not having one, is really not an option. Then we went into a pawn shop, just for fun, and wound up at Ikea. We all know what a great adventure Ikea is, when you are there with a bunch of kids. We wound up buying a king size bed, and new sheets and blankets for it. Last night i slept so good! What a difference a new mattress makes. We got home around 845, and my cousin was here, so her fiance helped phil put our bed together, and we talked boy bands. Lots of fun.

Today, it is really back to reality. house to clean, laundry to do, dr appt for a kiddo. Also, time to get back on track with diet and work outs. a few days of eating from gas stations has caught up with me. I feel yucky. I gained a tiny bit of weight. So back to raw today. Back to working out. Also, time to start getting ready for a camp trip. I love camping with my family.

I truly am blessed. I have a great hubby. I have wonderful kids.

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